Alpha Rho Chapter at University of Maryland

Kappa Delta

Personal Development

Kappa Delta is committed to providing all members opportunities for growth and lifetime learning. Our member education includes quality programming on important topics.

Relevant member education begins soon after a new member accepts her bid. Members participate in member education workshops, which are held in conjunction with chapter meetings to keep from overtaxing already busy schedules. Chapter members complete educational sessions on Kappa Delta’s Ritual and heritage, academic excellence, risk management, leadership and community service.

Chapter leaders also develop workshops on the four PACE topics based on members' interests and needs of the chapter. These workshops often utilize outside speakers and campus resources.

  • Personal Presence – focuses on body image, self-esteem, embracing differences and other related topics. The workshop highlights our commitment to building confidence in women.
  • Attitude – centers on how an individual's attitude can impact her success in college, in relationships and in life. 
  • Communication – focuses on helping members develop effective communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Enlarging Our World – encourages members to expand their view of the world and learn more about global issues and people from diverse backgrounds.


Alpha Rho Member Education Workshops

Personal Presence

Mary Jelkovky held a zoom seminar to discuss mental health and how it relates to body image, eating disorders, and dieting. She discussed her own experiences with binge eating and unhealthy diets to provide guidance and advice to members.


At this event, Sophia Blake, a senior in Kappa Delta who is also the president of the Preventing Sexual Assault organization on our campus, and the VP of the organization, Lizzie Mafrici, conducted a sexual assault awareness workshop for KD and TEP.


Workshop led by the CEO of Thrive, Lou Diamond. Talked to us about leadership in a virtual setting, keeping people engaged in a virtual world, and getting involved. Applies to clubs or applying for internships and job interviews.

Enlarging Our World

Workshop led by Sister Madeleine O'Connell. Guided us through a virtual privilege walk and facilitated a conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion in Greek Life.