Alpha Rho Chapter at University of Maryland

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Madeleine O'Connell


Madeleine is a Junior Elementary Education Major from Annapolis, MD. As the President, her role is not easy to define. It looks different every day and varies chapter by chapter. She is the voice of reason, a cheerleader, a problem-solver and a manager. She is both the leader and the manager of the chapter, internally and externally. Madeleine's favorite thing about KD is "the bonds I have created with women that inspire me to be my best and are there for me at my worst."

Lindsay Plotkin

Vice President - Member Education

Lindsay is a Sophomore Business Finance and Supply Chain Management Major from Columbia, MD. As VP-ME, her role is to educate the current and new members of our chapter about Kappa Delta’s history, values and other topics that encourage their personal growth and development. Her role allows her to inspire chapter members to reach their full potential. Lindsay's favorite thing about KD is "making new friends that allow me and make me comfortable to be who I am."

Gracie Virden

Vice President - Membership

Gracie is a Sophomore Family Science Major on the Pre Health Administration Track from Ellicott City, MD. As VP-M, her role is to oversee recruitment for the future of the chapter, prioritize retention of our members and foster a positive, thriving sisterhood. Gracie's favorite thing about KD is that "each sister can proudly state they can approach any sister to talk about anything. These women will be my lifelong friends."

Rachel Drislane

Vice President - Operations

Rachel is a Sophomore Business Major from Albany, NY. As VP-O, her role is the operations manager, ensuring that our chapter and council function efficiently and effectively. She develops current and future leadership through the management of appointed officers and continues to develop the chapter’s success. Rachel's favorite thing about KD is "the unbreakable bonds I have formed in such a short amount of time."

Claire Dormitzer

Vice President - Community Service

Claire is a Sophomore Public Policy/Communications Double Major from Darnestown, MD. As VP-CS, her role is to carry on Kappa Delta’s long-standing commitment to community service. She works with appointed officers to plan and implement our chapter’s philanthropic endeavors and inspire action in our members. Claire's favorite thing about KD is "the powerful effect of women building up other women to create something beautiful."

Amanda Jacobson

Vice President - Public Relations

Amanda is a Sophomore Public Health Science Major from Marlboro, NJ. As VP-PR, her role is to build pride among our chapter members and tell our chapter’s story to the outside world. She plans and implements public relations tactics on campus, in the community and among our members. Amanda's favorite thing about KD is how "I will forever be grateful to be surrounded by women who inspire me, encourage me, and empower me to be the best version of myself."

Deanna Cohen

Vice President - Standards

Deanna is a Sophomore Government and Politics/Criminology and Criminal Justice Double Major from Mount Olive, NJ. As VP-S, her role is to be a well-respected role model for our chapter as well as educate members on the values and standards of Kappa Delta. Deanna's favorite thing about KD is "the friendships I have made with people who want me to be my best self and are always pushing me to be more confident."

Elyssa Stabile


Elyssa is a Sophomore Food Science Major on the Pre-Optometry Track from Fairfield, NJ. As Secretary, her role is to oversee chapter reporting and maintain chapter files, including all meeting minutes. Elyssa's favorite thing about KD is "getting to create forever friendships and having sisters to motivate me to be my best self."

Maria Downey

Vice President - Finance

Maria is a Sophomore Government and Politics/Economics Double Major from Holmdel, NJ. As VP-F, her role is to manage our chapter’s overall financial health, educate members on financial responsibility and diligently follow all financial processes. Maria's favorite thing about KD is "meeting so many amazing people that inspire me to be the best version of myself everyday."

Darby Harris

Panhellenic Delegate

Darby is a Sophomore Criminology and Criminal Justice Major from Kensington, MD. As PHA Delegate, her role is to represent our chapter in community wide meetings that decide rules, expectations, and programming for all 16 sororities. She also fosters relationships with other Greek chapters on campus and encourages members to be involved in the greater community. Her favorite thing about KD is "meeting and becoming friends with so many amazing women and the ability to do incredible things for our community."